Wyatt Fernandes is the youngest of the Fernandes family, User of Darkness magic and Amaterasu. He is also the Guild Master for the guild Phantom Lord. He is a model for The Weekly Magazine.


Wyatt is Dirty blond, which always seems to be styled perfectly. He is 5.9 and is always wearing the newest trends in fashion. He also carries around a red magic pouch that is known to hold his collection of sake.

Personality  Edit

Wyatt is known for being a bit lazy, wierd, and childish at times. But in times of need he has proven to be clam, collected, smart witted, and serious. He holds sake precious to him and when the slightest bit is split he goes on a rampage. 


Wyatt is the youngest of the Fernandes children. Born into a well known family for their magical strength, Wyatt had a name to live up to. He grew up loving the guild of fairy tail seeing all his siblings and friends grow strong. He wanted to grow in strength, So at age 10 he left and went to train with his new master Ace Fernandes, who taught him the darkness magic. He comes back at age 15 fully mastered his style and amazes the fairy tail mages. Wyatt soon became an S- rank quick and in about two years he was elected to be the next leader of Phantom Lord. He now strives to give Phantom Lord a good name and works to grow the guild in size.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Darkness Magic: Tought by his master Ace Fernandes, he studied hard and long despite his extreme laziness. Wyatt created his own style of darkness magic in which the darkness magic is more condensed then it usually is. He calls the condensed dark energy, dark matter. He is able to create this magic through his blood stream and shape it into any form he wants. When fighting Wyatt must cut a piece of his body to allow for the dark matter to flow out to efectively use it. 

Amaterasu: Once Wyatt became the guild master for Phantom Lord he found a book on it and took to studying it. He is adapt at it but has a long way to go. He is able to cast these multiple spells at a fast rate and works hard to master it for himself. He is currently learning how to encorporate his dark matter with these formulas.

Enhanced Physical abilities: Due to the dark matter running in Wyatts blood he is able to use the energy to strengthen his physical abilities; such as speed, agility, strength, and power.