Riku Asuma (Asuma Rikou リク アスマ,Aged 17) is a Fairy Tail wizard known for wielding dual blades. He is not considered one of the guild's strongest. He uses Sword Magic, and is known for dual wielding Cypher's Swords, two legendary swords with powerful abilities.


Little is known about Riku Asuma's past before he joined Fairy Tail except his search to find dragons. At the age of 15 he arrived at Magnolia to witness an attack on the city. He joined in the defense forces and dealt the last blow to the attacker, who got killed by his own crow for loosing the fight.

Not long after that fight, he also witnessed a gathering of multiple dark guilds including Grimoire Heart and Oracion Seis. He was asked to join the alliance but quickly and promtply refused and got knocked out. After waking up, he warned the guild Fairy Tail of the incoming danger. After patrolling Magnolia for a while, he went on to a close city where he found the members of the dark guild alliance, where he single handedly challenged them. Riku was quickly stopped by getting chained down, but was let free by one of the leaders, promising he'd come back and beat them. After gathering the Fairy Tail wizards he was helping, they attacked the village and a hectic fight was started. Riku Asuma was tasked to fight Yuuka Yuuno, a sword wielding, purple flamed wizard. The fight was very one sided, as Yuuka dominated him, but as she used Maguilty Sense, she inflicted both of them almost fatal wounds, but Riku was able to stand against the pain better. After continuing the fight, both injured, Riku managed to get hold of Yuuka's sword and got a powerful boost in magical power, as his magic uses depends on blades he wields. He was able to get Yuuka Yuuno to flee the fight. After that, still injured, he tried to help out the others, but after being stabbed through the chest, he fell to the ground, fatally wounded. As the fight finished, and Riku was close to death, Cypher arrived and healed Riku inside a cocoon, saving his life.


Pre Time-SkipEdit

At the start of his adventures he donned a black robe with white stripes down the shoulders and along the zipper on the front. The collar on the robe had white fur. 

Riku Asuma (Pre Time-Skip)

He also wore black pants with black shoes.

Post Time-SkipEdit

After the three year time-skip, Riku Asuma donned a dark blue coat with yellow lines on it, a bandage around each arm, a purple shirt, grey pants and black shoes. His hair has also changed since before the time-skip, as it's grown more wild and more spiky.


Riku Asuma (Post Time-Skip)