Platinum Vastia

Platinum Vastia (プラチナ·バステア Purachina Basutia),also refered to as a master of the frozen arts, is the lone survivor and Prince to the long lost Kingdom of Fridgia.Platinum's only mission is to find and erase the demon known as Delioria from Earthland once and for all.


Platinum is considered an extremely handsome individual by most; some attributing it to his royal lineage. Platinum has long raven black hair held back in a pony tail leaving only a single strand to dangle above his steel blue eyes. However despite his "frosty" background Platinum sports  a deep tan. He is most commonly seen sporting white dress atire along with a white overcoat and a grey button. But dispite his proffesional choice in attire and the severity of his quest, Platinum is rarely seen w/o a smile on his face.


Platinum was once the boy prince of the long forgotten kingdom of Fridgia, the coldest place on Earthland. Being the King's son he trained day and night to prefect his skills in the arcane arts; eventually mastering the the most prominent forms w/in the kingdom: Ice-make, Snow, and Water magic. The prince was even skilled enough to be titled a prodigy by most, however no matter how hard he tried 

Me and the old man

Platinum and the King before the Deliora crisis

his father was never satisfied.

One day in the castle one of Fridgia's top mages burst into Platinum's father's throne room, claiming to have created something of unknown power that would aid them in achieving the ultimate military weapon. This thing was known as Deliora, and that same beast would one day go on to destroy the capital of Fridgia killing every Fridgia'n except one; Platinum. And on the very next day Platinum set out on a quest to see the beast dead. Even going so far as to sell his soul to a demon in order to achieve his mission.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

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