Hitomi on her first date with Hatsuke.

Introducing, Hitomi Dragneel. Hitomi is a skilled Ice-Make Mage, She is able to freeze anything in her path. Hitomi has one dark blue eye, and one white eye. The reason for the white eye is because when she was held captive by Xeno Knightwalker, He had ordered his knight to blind her left eye. Hitomi had lost the sight out of her left eye, Usually covering it with an eyepatch. But, She takes it off around Hatsuke, Her fiance', Due to him not liking when she covers up her eye. (He loves her even though shes blind in one eye)

Hitomi is the younger sister of Xeno Dragneel, Who took her in when Xeno Knightwalker had taken her in when she was 7. She didn't remember Xeno, So she had thought of him as an enemy, Only to be beaten by Knightwalker, She had ran away to find Xeno. When she found him, He told Hitomi that she was his younger sister. Overwhelmed by the discovery, Hitomi took a while to settle in.

Xeno had trained her for a few years, But it was mostly Nirvana Fernandes, The Fairy Tail Guild Master. Nirvana is Hitomi's idol, and almost like an older sister to Hitomi.

Hitomi is enganged to Hatsuke Caste. The two met on the first day Hatsuke arrived in Magnolia, Later going on a date and eventually falling deeply in love with eachother.


Hitomi doesn't remember much of her past, But she remembers the happy times with Igneel and Xeno.

Hitomi had met Hatsuke Caste on his first day in Magnolia, Seemingly falling in love with the silly Crash Magic mage "at first sight". The two Mages got engaged a couple months after that.

Hitomi had left Magnolia to join Mermaid Heel when she was 18. Not long after that, She had participated in the Guildmaster's exams, Winning it and becoming Blue Pegasus' Guildmaster.

Hitomi and Hatsuke have their wedding in front of a frozen waterfall. Hitomi then begins living with Hatsuke as they led Blue Pegasus together.


  • Ice-Make- (氷の造形魔法, アイスメイク, Aisu Meiku) a Caster Magic involving the creation of objects using ice.

  • Aera Magic- Hitomi is able to grow a set of large, White wings, And fly, Holding people for a certain amount of time.


Xeno Dragneel- Hitomi's older brother. Although Hitomi doesn't like his wife, Alex, She agreed to be nice to her, But not Respect her. This angered Xeno a little, But he got used to it over time.

Nirvana Fernandes- Hitomi's idol, big sister-like figure, and Role-model. She gets along really well with Nirvana, And her Celestial Spirit, Aquarius.

Hatsuke Caste- Hitomi's Fiance', They both get along really well. They oftenly use team-work, Which also lead to a great relationship.