Aki Brightcaster

Aki Brightcaster's Anime Portrait

Aki at mag

Aki Brightcaster at Magnolia.

 (安芸Brightcaster) is a 19 year old female, Dark Ecriture and Letter Magic user, and current Guild Master/Leader of Dark Unicorn, her dark guild.


Aki Brightcaster currently resides in Magnolia's water tower, and in dark allyways or corners, creating new plans and/or strategies for when she becomes stronger. She is often compared with the alias "The Pink Mage", due to her dress, or "Weak Sky", due to her weakness in combat. Her partner is Jinkazu Dragneel. She also seems to have a very close connection with Dragneels.


Long black hair, A school shirt with an open neck-top, and white jeans. She also has a raven on her shoulder, along with her sword, Excalibur.


Aki is a caring, stalker fan-girl who likes to meet new people every day in Fiore.


Excalibur - Aki's mighty silver blade, it speaks to her sometimes when she is dying. Was a gift from Akin Britesudo before his death.

Nirvana Fernandes - Most powerful Grand Master in Magnolia. Also Aki's best friend.

Gaea - An enemy met when cruising through Magnolia with Kyla Dragneel.

Gene - A female who Aki hopes to be-friend, but always gets rejected by either a punch or a blast.

Hitomi Dragneel - Aki's best friend from "the old days", currently always seen on Aki's lap at some times.

Tobi Akuma - Aki's husband, Grand Master of Twilight Ogre.

Ace Fernandes - A teacher of Aki Brightcaster, currently teaching her how to be stronger.

Alex Dragneel - Current rival of Aki, or as she calls "frenemie"

Kyla Dragneel - One of the Dragneel's that are Aki's best friend.

Krow Delgreed - A frightened man met in Fairy Tail.

Jinkazu Dragneel - Partner in battles, etc.

Ravager Aki doesn't know much about him, but has only seen him around the city, disappearing and reappearing in multiple places.


Aki is the Grand Master or Leader of Dark Unicorn, an illegal dark guild. Their goal is to take over Magnolia, kill all the strongest, and rule all guilds under their command. 


Darkness Magic - Able to use spells such as Dark Grab, Dark Vortex, Ghost Fireworks.

Dark Ecriture - Able to use Dark Ecriture; Darkness, Dark Ecriture; Absolute Shadow, Dark Ecriture; Reflect.

Solid Script - Able to use Oil, Freeze, Pain, etc.